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Your business isn’t generic so don’t settle for generic forms, we customize to your business’s needs.


Reach your clients with iCal calendar invitations, email, text message, and voice phone call reminders.


Reduce no-shows, increase revenue and prevent double booking-all in REAL TIME-no delays.


Our extensive customization features allow you to tailor your calendar to your business needs.

Fully Customizable,
Feature Full Appointment Scheduler

Our powerful software is 100% flexible and adjustable to your needs. We are the most feature packed scheduler on the market and keep expanding! Schedule multiple bays and define each bay according to work function ie. Tire rotation, oil change, general maintenance, etc. Assign a task by multiple levels including employee’s skill set and equipment availability. Develop a data base of service activity and store information on each customer and much, much, more.

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Send automatic service follow-ups,
Schedule appointments online 24/7

Receive Instant notifications when your customers schedule an appointment with you. The EZ Auto Scheduler is the only scheduler with integrated voice reminders and live status updates. You can set up flexible ways of communication with your client, send out phone call voice messages and text, email reminders and notifications to your customer. Send automatic service follow-ups to clients to return for maintenance on a scheduled basis.

EZ Auto Scheduler

Why EZnet Scheduler?

We do it all! We do it differently! We do it EZ. Try the EZnet Scheduler for FREE today!

1. Voice reminders

Great for elderly clients who don’t use text & email. Great to use as market surveys or instant feedback about your service. Voice reminders are great for appointment status updates; live confirmation of appointments!

2. Customization

We can customize any form fields you want. We can require any information you need during appointment setting- we make the scheduler work for you, not the other way around.

3. iCal notifications

We love this feature and think you will too. iCal notifications include a link that when clicked by your customer, places the appointment on their personal calendar! This provides increased visibility of the appointment so you have fewer no-show appointments and cancellations. This feature is compatible with most email providers.

4. Generate Work Orders

Right from the scheduler or the appointment itself. How much does this simplify your business and increase efficiency. No more logging into another program to make an invoice. Our ability to generate Work Orders/ Purchase Orders right from the appointment means that now all of the information about that client’s appointment will pass through to an invoice.

5. Credit Card Integration

That’s right! Your customers can pay right from the Scheduler! You can also take their payment right through the Scheduler. That’s right, no more running separate programs to accomplish different tasks.

6. Google Integration

You read that right! Our Scheduler syncs with Google calendars. When you set an appointment for a customer, the appointment now is added to their Google calendar. Same goes for employees! If you set an appointment for one of your employees, they can now see what their day looks like right from their personal calendar!

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